T’ít’q’et Food Security Project

The project focus is to develop food security based on local organic food production, expanding storage capability, extending storage life, and enhancing nutritional values of harvested foods using appropriate technology and environmentally sound techniques. To accomplish this, an Intermediate Technology Food Processing (ITFP) Facility will be established by a non-profit organization in conjunction with the community garden project.

Additional outcomes will include educational and marketing opportunities, honoring culture, and strengthening ties to the wider Lillooet Community via these avenues.

  • Activities and Outcomes
  • Seed Saving and Storage
  • Natural Farming and Traditional Farming Techniques
  • Harvesting Techniques
  • Acquiring Farmers’ Products
  • Processing and Packaging Products
  • Distributing Products
  • Providing Education on Traditions and Cultural Agricultural Procedures

TEDA (Titqet Economic Development Authority) is overseeing the Food Security Initiative in order to reach a food sovereignty state. Some of the garden growing techniques and philosophies are geared towards drought tolerant crops, food security crops and organic pest management growing techniques. Check out the Amlec Food Security website http://www.amlec.org/

storing and processing workshop poster v2


Community Garden

Adam Lingor is a T’it’q’et member and has been working with the community garden for the last 4 years on a seasonal basis. Adam has a horticulture certificate through Thompson Rivers University.                

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Ian is from Xwisten, and his Mom lives within the Titqet community, Which ties him to Titqet. Ian has great potential in accomplishing many goals for the project. Ian walks to work from west pavilion which takes him 2 hours to get to work every morning and usually the first person at the garden. This…

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Amlec Food Security Project

Matthew Davidson was born and raised in Lillooet. Growing up, his parents always grew a garden and processed much of the food they grew. Matthew had an appreciation for plants and an interest in irrigation from a young age. At 23, he bought a piece of property and started a garden of his own. However,…

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Paul is from the T’it’q’et community and always there to help, he services the community with painting projects, chimney cleaning and whatever job they need him to do. He also grows a garden in his back yard and frequently talks about his vegetables. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the food security project and…

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Food Preparation Workshop in Xaxli'p