Hello, my name is Brandon Barney and my Parents are Stephanie Louie and Justin Louie. My Grandparents are Vince Barney and Marie Barney. After graduating from Lillooet Secondary School in 2013 I pursued an education in Natural Resources obtaining various Technical Certifications in Underground Mining Essentials, Forest and Environmental Technology, and Archaeology. Applying all my skills to various positions over the years with St’at’imc Eco-Resources, T’it’q’et Fire Crew, Split-rock, and P’egp’íg’lha Council I have always been geared at helping proliferate the St’at’imc Culture in any way I can because it who I am at my core.  My P’egp’íg’lha roots in the community can be linked back to the bloodline of Doctor Michael/Papcen of Six Mile. T’it’q’et has always and will always be my home, even when I’m on the road I carry with me our St’at’imc hospitality and intimate memories and stories of our lands that always ground and humble me and remind me of what I’m fighting for always. Memories of Poliwogz, The Lake, the Julianne Hall, all the Kitchens and all the Ucwalmicw that make this such a wonderful place remind me I have been extremely privileged to grow up in such a loving community, a community that is always there for each other, a community that gathers together so often to enjoy each others company. A community that shows time and time again, courage and bravery, in times of extreme adversity always willing to share with each other in a moments notice. These values of Hard-work, Resilience and teamwork are the biggest take-a-ways that I have learned by being a P’egp’íg’lha of the St’at’imc. That no matter what, whatever challenge is hurled at us. We as a people will endure and overcome any and all adversities that come our way and that we will do so together, because as I’ve heard, learned and seen many times in my years here; especially from my grandma, “Many hands, make less work!”, that “Teamwork makes the Dream work!” and to always, “Lead from the Heart!”. That being said I am honored and humbled to be here on council and look forward to serving on this journey with this wonderful group of people to ensure our P’egp’íg’lha Values, Vision, Culture, and Traditions are respected and continue in the ‘Good Way’ for past, present and future generations of the P’egp’íg’lha. 

Takem Nsnekwnukw7a