Ian is from Xwisten, and his Mom lives within the Titqet community, Which ties him to Titqet. Ian has great potential in accomplishing many goals for the project. Ian walks to work from west pavilion which takes him 2 hours to get to work every morning and usually the first person at the garden. This shows great heart and determination that could push him to great things. He always shows great respect to elders and makes sure they are taken care of when they are in the garden.

Ian has a lot of knowledge of innovative technology regarding the vertical growing towers, and will be taking care of them through winter when they get relocated. Ian also has a special talent of seeing what has to be done and takes initiative in completing daunting tasks, and has a keen eye on picking things out that other people sometimes miss.

Ian is a very special individual that will get things done for the Titqet community and will reach great expectations when working for the community.