Good day 

Juanita Jacob of Xaxlip, Youngest daughter of the late Chief Ernest and Nancy Jacob 

As Wellness Coordinator of T’it’q’et I make space and time to be available, and open to assist in many ways such as cultural; counsel through Education or in our cultural ways of assisting one another during times of hardship; comes in many various ways as discovered during and before the pandemic of opioid crisis or overdose- or suicide. 

I have Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling, 2 certificates from NECHI with other tickets that are always renewable for safety of all in the workplace.

With cultural beliefs I bring my personal and cultural knowledge together, exploring impacts of history and choice of lifestyle, sharing some guidelines in culture. I have sage, A shell/little frying pan to burn smudge in; and I also carry my eagle fan if requested; I do personal fan down’ to cleanse or lighten the aura, of persons willing to come forth for help. 

I do my best of bringing others to our service as we move forward, into the next stages of healing. Especially with the reawakening of knowledge of our Residential history. 

We are still here, we are not alone; Always in hope and prayer of being better within this generation to be here in assistances to the next, as it rings true that We are Still Here – still learning; so nor Are we Alone in our healing.