T’ícnek nskwátsitsa. Marilyn Napoleon nsám7ats skwátits.

Nilh sEdward Napoleon na nsqátsza7.  Nilh sRose Agnes Whitley na nskícza7.

During my elementary and secondary schooling, I attended various schools starting with kindergarten in Seattle, Washington and ending with grade 13 in Burnaby, BC.  My longest stay in any one school was at the Cariboo Indian Residential School near Williams Lake.  I attended residential school there for five years.  When I left high school, I took a break from schooling and worked for a year as a child care worker.  Following that year, I started my post-secondary education at Langara College in Vancouver.  Throughout my years of postsecondary education, I worked in various jobs and in various places as well. The highest level of education that I completed was a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration.  I worked as the Education Coordinator for the Cariboo Tribal Council until I moved back home to Lillooet to work in the same field for the Lillooet Tribal Council.  I worked for the LTC until I retired in 2016.

Since around1990, I have served the community, from time to time, on the T’ít’q’et Council.  I have also represented the Napoleon family on the P’egp’íg’lha Council since 2002.  I was appointed by our family Elders to serve on the PC.  I have been honoured to participate in our Councils during this time when our community has been building a governance system that is more reflective of our úcwalmicw way of life.  I am developing my St’át’imc knowledge so that I can begin to take on a role as Elder.  I see this as a responsibility, just as did my parents who gladly shared their traditional knowledge with the people.

I see myself as being a warrior for our St’át’imc language.  Our history, values and traditions are held in our language and our language comes from the land.  We are the people of this land.

Nilh ti7.