Paul is from the T’it’q’et community and always there to help, he services the community with painting projects, chimney cleaning and whatever job they need him to do. He also grows a garden in his back yard and frequently talks about his vegetables. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the food security project and works very hard for the garden.

Paul is a very special man that takes great care on what he is working on, and pushes himself to get tasks completed. He just about did everything you could think of within the garden, from tree pruning, weed whacking, planting wheat and even uses handy-man skills to built stuff for the garden.

Paul is very dedicated and loves to work with meaning, accomplishing tasks and very meticulous when it comes to dehydrating food for the community. He cares for his community and strives to help and provide for everyone. A man with little words to say, but what he says has tremendous amount of meaning.