T’it’qet Bee City is associated with Bee City Canada [ http://www.beecitycanada.org/ ] who is part of a North American movement to support pollinator protection.  Bee City communities support collaboration and establish and maintain healthy pollinator habitat within the municipality or First Nation’s [communities].

A Bee City begins conversations about how to grow local healthy food and the importance of biodiversity.   A Bee City begins conversations about how to reduce and eliminate chemicals that are harmful to pollinators, our food system and the planet. [Food security]

A Bee City raises awareness of pollinator diversity and the benefits of using native plants in habitat restoration. Cost benefits abound in using native plants. For example, water usage is reduced and there is a plant cost advantage using perennials over annuals. Lawns cost the most to maintain. It just makes good sense to plant a pollinator garden!

A Bee City sets an example and inspires residents with the knowledge that they all have a [role] to play. Mentoring other municipalities and First Nations across the country to take action and encouraging them to join the Bee City family.

Pollinator habitat creates beauty. Selecting pollinator friendly plants [pesticide free] including native trees, shrubs, vines, forbs and grasses, along with herbs and vegetables, provides food for wildlife and humans too.

A Bee City improves its municipal [community] environment and the physical and mental health of the residents by connecting people with nature and encouraging healthy, clean food consumption. Healthy citizens equal healthy, productive cities

A Bee City is an energy filled beautifully floriferous living space for everyone.

A Bee City enjoys the economic benefits of eco-tourism.

To become a Bee City community complete the application process from here http://www.beecitycanada.org/become-a-bee-city/application/

Taken from http://www.beecitycanada.org/become-a-bee-city/benefits/ February 26, 2018.  Amendments in [brackets].




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