The P’egp’íg’lha governance structure includes four Councils: T’ít’q’et Council, P’egp’íg’lha Council, P’egp’íg’lha Elders Council and the P’egp’íg’lha Youth Council. The elected T’ít’q’et Council is responsible for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada programs and Health Canada programs, and on-reserve issues.

This responsibility includes financial management of programs and services, revenues, taxation; on-reserve lands and infrastructure; membership; oversight of administration offices; and the planning and oversight of all capital projects. The four Councils work in cooperation and report quarterly at the Joint Council meetings and general community meetings to ensure open and effective communication amongst the Councils and membership. The elected T’ít’q’et Council members serve a four year term.

Chief and Council Members

T’it’q’et Councillor Portfolio: Forestry/Fisheries

Kalhwa7alap Hello, my name is Brandon Barney and my Parents are Stephanie Louie and Justin Louie. My Grandparents are Vince Barney and Marie Barney. After graduating from Lillooet Secondary School in 2013 I pursued an education in Natural Resources obtaining various Technical Certifications in Underground Mining Essentials, Forest and Environmental Technology, and Archaeology. Applying all…

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T’it’q’et Councillor

The Portfolios I hold are: Child/Family Taxation and Social Development   I am also involved with: P̓egp̓íg̓lha Elders Council, Indigenous Court Committee Board of Directors for the Ucwalmicw Centre Society T’it’q’et Justice Committee P̓egp̓íg̓lha Community Committee Land Code Committee STP Protocol Committee   Previous Years of being on Council are: 1998-2000 and 1996-1998. I am…

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Chief Sid Scotchman sat on council for the last 8 years as councillor.  This is Chief Sid’s first term as Community Chief.  Chief Sid holds the Housing and Infrastructure portfolio. He also sits on the Personnel Committee and sit as an alternate for Education.  Chief Sid looks forward to the next 4 years and undertaking the…

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