The Portfolios I hold are:


Taxation and

Social Development


I am also involved with:

P̓egp̓íg̓lha Elders Council,

Indigenous Court Committee

Board of Directors for the Ucwalmicw Centre Society

T’it’q’et Justice Committee

P̓egp̓íg̓lha Community Committee

Land Code Committee

STP Protocol Committee


Previous Years of being on Council are: 1998-2000 and 1996-1998. I am an American Army Veteran I served 82nd Airborne Division and Second Infantry Division-Korea

LifeSkills Facilitator 

In the past I have worked with Social Development and Employment Councillor

I am looking forward to the next Four years and hopefully can make things better for our people and programs serving our people. 

Takam Snukuwa