The P’egp’íg’lha Council was formed based on the community desire (see History/Background) to create a system of government that was more reflective of our traditional way of life and decision making processes. The P’egp’íg’lha Council was created based on family representation.  There are 10 main family lines in the community and each of those families appoints a family head to represent their family interests in the P’egp’íg’lha Council.  The P’egp’íg’lha Council meets monthly to discuss issues and provide direction to the Tribal Chief.


Shelley Leech sits as the Chair/Elected Tribal Chief of the P’egp’ig’lha Council.

Kevin Whitney – Scotchman Family

Yvonne Scotchman – Paul Hixon Family

Cora Billy – Billy Family

Marilyn Napoleon – Napoleon Family

Paul Barney – Barney Family

Sam Copeland – Copeland/Bob Family.

Sarah Moberg – Riley Family.

Genevieve Humphreys – Bones Family

Stella Ostrander – James Family

Machell Family

Brigman Family