Hello my name is Sarah Moberg, I am currently the Director of Programs for the T’it’q’et Daycare & Preschool Society. I’ve was a council member for 8 years and held the taxation and education portfolios. I was also the chair of the T’it’q’et preschool/daycare, co-chair for the First people’s education council and sat on various committees. I graduated at NVIT with my Associates of Arts degree and went on to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree in First Nations studies from SFU in 2013. I have also recently completed my St’at’imc Language Fluency Certificate.  Within those years of schooling, I was able to learn and study what it means to be an Indigenous person at home and in the world. Since then, I have had the pleasure of teaching and sharing my knowledge in various classes through the Lillooet Tribal Council and NVIT. I am pleased that the creator has chosen this path for me to represent and work with our people in my community, and I look forward to many more great years ahead!