Hello, I am Sid Scotchman. I have been involved in photography for a number of years now. I have been involved in capturing many moments at various events, some of those photos have been shared through various organizations. My photography business was nominated for small business award back in 16/17, and again in 17/18. I am the sole member of my little business. I take the pictures, and edit them myself. I love the editing process as it is a way for me to unwind from a long day and spread my creative wings.

Today, I wear many hats, but i still find time in going out to take photos of the land, or people portraits if hired to do so. Lately, I have been training to do videography/cinematography. That way I will also be able to record videos of events, or shoot mini documentaries. Recently, I helped film, edit, and provided some of my photography work in the 2018 mini documentary that was created during a film training course that I attended in the summer of 2018. The video is available HERE Due to shooting video being part of my future, I will be working on a name change from Sid Scotchman Photography, to a more suitable name that includes video for 2019.

The documentary is called “Lep’caltens I Ucwalmicwa The Garden of the People

Below is a little video i shot and edited myself.

I have done weddings, engagement announcements, events, product, business portfolios, portraits, and scenery photography.

I post a lot of my work on my Facebook Photography page, but lately I have been posting lot of my scenery photography on my Instagram page while sharing my favorite shots of the month on my photography page. I do have a Love Lillooet Page, I have been a part of Love Lillooet for a few years now, and am one of the first members to join. I am also one of their photographers who goes out to take pictures of Love Lillooet Business’ for the website. So you may see some of my work on the website.




Here are a couple photos i have taken and edited myself: